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About Defragmenter

How to use Defragmenter?

Using Defragmenter is easy. We'll show you how:

  1. Click on the "Disk Cleanup" button in My Faster PC.
  2. Click "Run Fragmenter."
  3. Click "Continue" on the warning alert.
  4. Select the drive you wish to defragment (usually the C: drive).
  5. Click "Defragment."

Please note: Use Defrgamenter during a time when you won't need to use your computer for a while (like overnight or during your lunch break).

How often should I defragment?

For most users, defragmenting your hard drive several times a year is probably sufficient. If you work with large files (such as digital video) or frequently add or remove files, you may benefit from defragmenting more often.

What is file fragmentation?

File fragmentation means the data that makes up a file is stored in non-contiguous locations on the hard drive. Over time files can become fragmented as things are added, deleted, and moved around. This can slow down access times to these files and hinder hard drive performance.

For a visual analogy, imagine you're trying to read a magazine, except half the magazine is in the kitchen and the other half is in the living room. You would have to move from the kitchen to the living room when you wanted to read that half. Defragmenting your files would join both halves of the magazine and store them in one room.