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"MyFasterPC is a great product...

"MyFasterPC keeps my computer running at optimal speed and performance. I am amazed by the sheer volume of unnecessary files and errors it finds and removes with each scan. Not only is MyFasterPC a great product but it is backed up with wonderful customer service."

–Jennifer A., My Faster PC Customer

"I love this so much...

"I love this so much. I do not have any problems and it is very fast!! I am going to tell all my friends and family about My Faster PC!"

–Linda M., My Faster PC Customer

"I am amazed at the difference...

"I have always been considered an expert with computers, but my own system was on my agenda for a new format and install of XP. Yet I decided to try your software and am amazed at the difference, this turtle is now a race horse. It is well worth the expense compared to backing up files and other hassle. Thank you for the wonderful product."

–Jeff R., My Faster PC Customer

"A customer for life...

"I purchased the software and am very satisfied to have my laptop performing as good as it did brand new. The Customer Support you receive along with the product is top notch, and [they] do everything they can to assist you with any questions. Thanks again, a customer for life."

–Paul H., My Faster PC Customer


"THANKS, THANKS, THANKS! I finally got My Faster PC downloaded and now my computer is cleaned. I will definitely recommend this to my friends."

–Jeannette W., My Faster PC Customer

"FINALLY a program that does what it's supposed to...

"I just want to say how pleased I am with My Faster PC. FINALLY a program that does what it's supposed to, and flawlessly. Keep up the great work, my PC is running like I just formatted my drive. It's been a long time since I could say that. It initially found over 300 "bad" things, and the improvement was immediate."

–Bob H., My Faster PC Customer

All customer reviews and testimonials were collected by ConsumerSoft through emails, surveys, or interviews and shared with customer permission.

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All customer reviews and testimonials were collected by ConsumerSoft through emails, surveys, or interviews and shared with customer permission.