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What if it automatically registers?

Great! Your program automatically registered after you purchased. You don't need to do anything else. Just start enjoying My Faster PC.

How do I register My Faster PC?

My Faster PC should have automatically registered when you purchased it. If it did not register, just follow these steps.

Note: Start with Step 3 if My Faster PC is already installed.

1. Download My Faster PC

2. Install My Faster PC

3. Open My Faster PC

4. Click the Settings Button

5. Enter Your Email Address:

6. Enter Your Registration Key: #### #### ####

7. Click "Submit"

Q. Where do I find my registration key?

You should have received your registration key on the confirmation page after your purchase. We also include your registration key in your email receipt. If you cannot find your registration key, you can contact customer support for assistance.

Q. It keeps asking me to register.

If you purchased My Faster PC and it's still asking you to register your software, it probably isn't registered. Just follow the steps on How do I register My Faster PC

Q. My registration key doesn't work.

If you purchased the software cannot register, please contact customer support for assistance.