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About Settings

Settings lets you adjust some of the features and tools in My Faster PC. Not all settings are available to unregistered users.

Cleanup Deletes

This list lets you select which items Hard Drive Cleanup will clean when it runs. We recommend you just cleanup the default items. Learn more about these items.


This setting lets you control when My Faster PC is set to run. For registered users, the program will run once a month to clean your registry and hard drive. By selecting "Run Manually" My Faster PC will only run when you open it and click "Scan Registry."


Launch at Startup: This checkbox will disable My Faster PC from automatically loading during startup. We only recommened checking this if you are using the manual repair feautre.

Cleanup after Repair: This checkbox will disable Cleanup Hard Drive from automatically starting after you clean your registry. If you uncheck this feature, Cleanup Hard Drive will only run manually.