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About Startup Items

What are the Startup Items?

The Startup Items tool allows you to change which programs automatically load when you computer starts up. These programs are the ones that always "pop-up" after your comptuer turns on (like Instant Messengers, Antivirus Software, etc.).

Using the Startup Items Tool

We don't recommend changing Startup Items unless you are sure of what you are doing.

To disable startup items, click on the "Startup Items" button and scroll through the list to select any items you want to change. Once finished, click "Update Now." When you next restart your system, the items you changed will take effect.

By deselecting certain programs from starting, you can free up system memory and increase performance. It is very important that you only disable a program if you know what it is and are sure you don't need it. Many startup items effect basic Windows functionality, so diabling all items could interfere with your system working properly. Start by finding programs you know that you don't want to use.